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The "top-of-the-range" offer for DayZ was launched in January 2024, replacing our previous offers with the aim of providing the very best in hosting thanks to a dedicated infrastructure reserved for a limited number of servers. Simplified, it allows you to freely choose the number of slots on your server. From 64 euros / month.

Do you need a development server ?

Our partner "every1knowsdave" offers development servers from €11.70 (£10). We recommend this offer for small projects, a test server or to develop a server before migrating to Lyd Hosting. You'll also benefit the support of the community through a Discord server and numerous videos published on Youtube.

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Do you need a server for an event or playtests ?

Through our partnership with "DayZ France PC" we are making available a server for the community. This server will mainly be used to help developers of new maps carry out playtests and to help members of the DayZ community organise events on a robust, high-performance server.

The service is offered free of charge, without you having to advertise for Lyd Hosting.

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DayZ Server

A balanced offer paving the way to high performance for your server 🚀

64 / month
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  • AMD Ryzen™ 9 7950X3D (16 cores / 32 threads) (5,7 GHz)
  • 12 GB of allocated memory (DDR5) (3600 MHz)
  • Flexible choice of number of slots (from 1 to 127 slots)
  • No limit on disk space usage
  • Automation of tasks (Steam Updates, etc.)
  • Migration of your server to our services
  • Help installing mods / maps*
  • Advanced support via Discord


Perfect price. And very quick response to any problems. I recommend, go for it !

14 february 2024

I have two servers with Lyd Hosting and I am more than satisfied. The support is very responsive and won't let you down until everything is impeccable, regardless of the hours spent working. Thank you for all your hard work.

13 december 2023

Staff who listen and are on hand at all times. Simplified and intuitive tools to manage your server. I knew nothing about creating a server and with the support of Lyd Hosting, I was able to create my own server and become autonomous.

12 december 2023

I've been hosting a French DayZ server for a few days with Lyd Hosting without any disappointment. Very good performance/price ratio. Interface adapted to beginners as well as confirmed users. I highly recommend 👍🏻

31 january 2023

I've had my DayZ server for over a week now, and everything is going very well. The service is very good value for money, and the staff listen to me and are there when I need them.

3 september 2023

I can I strongly recommend the lyd hosting for everyone. The parformance is not a problem, but the support is the best of the best. He will help you in any question, and any problem.

15 november 2023


Ryzen 9 7950X3D

With its maximum frequency of 5.7 GHz and respectable single-threaded performance, it is an ideal processor for our DayZ server hosting activity.

Over 20,000 FPS

Benefit from a starting frame rate above 20,000 FPS when launching your server. From then on, it’s up to you to maintain this level of performance.

Dedicated Infrastructure

We have chosen to build dedicated infrastructure tailored to the specificities of DayZ. This allows us greater control over performance.

Satisfied Customers

This is not an empty promise; we do not abandon our customers when they encounter issues. And our customer base has always been satisfied with our work.

Click here to read published reviews on Trustpilot.
Twelve Years of Experience

The founder of Lyd Hosting has been a big DayZ fan since its appearance on Arma 2 OA in 2012. He decided to make the most of his love through this service.

Simplified Panel

TCAdmin is used to allow our clients to manage their servers. We've adapted and modified it to include some useful new features.

Click here to discover the panel.
Guaranteed Transparency

To reinforce transparency, the choice was made to publish real-time graphs of host machine performance serving as game server hosts.

Click here to view the charts and much more...
Proximity Support

For our customers, we don't have any schedule. Support is provided on our Discord server or by creating a ticket on our customer area.

Free Migration

Do you have a server with a competitor? Our team can migrate your server at no extra cost. Contact us to take advantage of this offer.

No data will be lost during migration.
Regular Backups

Securing the resiliency of our infrastructure requires a strong backup strategy. The implemented strategy aims to store three secure copies of your files.

Different Growth Strategy

Starting in 2024, we adopted a different approach for growing our business. We have opted to limit the number of customers to 24.

Divided between 2 host machines. (Find out more)
Continual Improvement

Our customers benefit first and foremost from any new features we add. Our aim is to continue improving our integration with DayZ.

Notre infrastructure


On approach

The Elite offering will be high-performance oriented and will provide more freedom for managers of large communities.