Included in our offers :
  • Automation of tasks (Steam Updates, etc.)
  • Help installing mods / maps*
  • Migration of your server to our services
  • Automated backups to Finland
  • Advanced support via Discord
  • Documentation included

It is the best management panel to manage game servers. We have revamped it by adding additional features for our customers.

A demo is available by clicking here.

Adapted machines

The experience gained in game server hosting allows us to choose the most appropriate hardware for optimal performance.

DDoS Protection

Our server park benefits from protection against denial of service attacks. This protection is native to all our offers, at no additional cost.

Simplified setup

We have done our best to simplify the configuration of your server. Unlike some hosts, everything tends to be automated.

Follow our guide to configure your server.

Steam Workshop LYD Scripts

Installing mods (and maps) has been highly simplified and automated. It is done in a few clicks: no need to modify any file.

Regular backups

On all of our offers, our company applies the so-called "3-2-1" strategy aimed at keeping three copies of your files in a safe place.

It is also possible to make manual backups.

Restart management Lyd Scripts

By default, all of our Project Zomboid servers have a restart cycle set to 12h. It is possible to modify it in your management interface.

Need to modify it? Click here to follow our guide.

"Update" alert LYD Scripts

All of connected players in your server are notified when an automatic update - of the game or an installed mod - is about to be executed.

* Exclusivity offered to all our customers.

And many other things remain to be discovered...