Convert @Trader to @DayZ-Expansion-Market

Converts categories and items available for purchase from @Trader to Market in Expansion mod.

User guide

  1. Retrieve the "TraderConfig.txt" file you want to convert.
    • It is possible to transfer a complete file and a file containing only the categories to be converted.
  2. In "Modname", enter a name to be used as a suffix for the generated .json files.
  3. You can choose to display the mod name in the DisplayName.
    • By default, this is not added to the files. It is not essential.
  4. Convert the files, and a ZIP archive will be downloaded.
  5. Inside the 'ALL_FILES' folder, you'll find all the converted files. If you're targeting a specific category, open its dedicated folder.
  6. Put the generated files in ServerProfile -> ExpansionMod -> Market and configure the categories with a Trader.
    • You can add the categories to a Trader by modifying one of them located in the 'Traders' folder within 'ExpansionMod'.

If you need assistance, you can visit the Expansion documentation or join our Discord server where we'll try to assist you.

Convert your file